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The Amazing 15th Annual Marketers Cruise - NEW DATES!

Nov. 6th to 14th, 2021- Port Canaveral (Orlando) - Aruba - Bonaire - Grand Turk Island  

logo for MarketersCruise marketing cruise

Countdown to 2021 Marketers Cruise

Watch the replay here

What You Will See Today

  • 0:00 – INTRO

  • 8:08 – The History of the Marketers Cruise

  • 8:56 – What Happened Next…

  • 12:12 – Smooth and Safe Sailing

  • 13:55 – How we are Cooperating

  • 20:25 – The Marketers Cruise Family and Leaders

  • 21:41 – What to expect from this trip?

  • 32:15 – Past Parties and Themes

  • 36:35 – Late Night Pizza and Profits

  • 42:51 – GrooveKon

  • 46:00 – Discounted Transportation for GrooveKon and Marketers Cruise

  • 49:38 – Welcome Sunset Networking Party

  • 51:58 – Shuttle to our Ship

  • 53:20 – Last Call, Last Week to Book

  • 1:00:33 – Million Dollar Directory

  • 1:02:44 – Things To Do in the Islands

  • 1:14:05 – International Guests Waiver

  • 1:16:40 – Have you pre-registered with carnival and completed the vaccination survey?

  • 1:22:30 – How are gratuities handled this year?

  • 1:24:18 – What else can I use OBCs for?

  • 1:26:02 – What about COVID Testing required?

  • 1:36:18 – Last Minute Tips for Smooth Sailing

  • 1:40:04 – Communication Aboard

  • 1:59:24 – OUTRO

  • Check Rates and Availability

    Setting Sail From Port Canaveral, FL on:

    November 6th, 2021


    Your Hosts

    photograph of MarketersCruise's CFO Captain Lou

    Chief Fun Organizer

    Captain Lou

    Special events at sea

    What happens next is.....? EVERYTHING! Captain Lou is here to make sure everything goes great for your Marketers Cruise experience. Lou and his team of angels will make this not only your best vacation ever, but they will also make sure you can profit from it. The cruise would not happen without Lou and his team.

    photograph of Groove Digital's CEO Mike Filsaime

    Your Host

    Mike Filsaime

    Entrepreneur and marketing consultant

    Mike is the Co-Founder of GrooveFunnels and GroovePay. Mike has launched and sold many multi-million dollar brands and the companies he has founded have done over $150 Million in Revenue. It was Mike's vision along with Captain Lou to start the Marketers Cruise 15 years ago.

    photograph of MarketersCruise's event Emcee Tom Beal

    Event Emcee

    Tom Beal

    Chief inspiration officer

    Are you ready to effortlessly & easily simplify your success? Tom's unique perspectives, experiences, tools, and systems have helped thousands. Tom and Lou run all of our highly popular Business Building Masterminds and facilitated Networking sessions.

    70 Percent Fun In The Sun!

    Life Changing Fun

    You Deserve A Vacation After All

    Networking and Schmoozing while Caribbean cruising. All work and no fun makes marketers dull people. That's why over 70 percent of your Marketers Cruise is all about fun. But it's fun with successful entrepreneurs and Millionaires. Is there any better way to make friends, bring the family, and just have a blast while traveling the world? We don't think so.

    30 Percent Business Building!

    Life Changing Stories

    Here Are Real Marketers Telling Their Stories

    They didn't know it would change their life and business when booking. It was only after living the dream that these friends could make the impact on their business. It will cost you too much NOT to sail with over 400 of the worlds top marketers. Scenes from prior sailings.

    photograph from one of the MarketersCruise attendees

    30 Seconds of Fame, Lifetime of Profits

    Introduce Yourself to 400 Entrepreneurs

    On the first sea day and the first session, you and everyone gets to queue up to the microphone and tell the group about your area of expertise and what you need help with . Then you say your name, business, URL, and what page you can be found on in the directory.

    Everyone listening will mark down the 25-30 people they want to connect with on the cruise. Now you have all week. Go for it!

    photograph from one of the MarketersCruise attendees

    The Who’s Who

    Want to know who's going? Every year we publish our "Million-Dollar VIP Directory with bios and full contact details. You get your name and full page listing added as well and you get a free full printed version when you book your cruise and attend the cruise. If you want your name added to this directory just book your cruise. 

    Not Just Pizza And Profits

    We Mean Networking 24/7

    On the first sea day and the first session, you and everyone gets to queue up to the microphone and tell the group about your area of expertise and what you need help with . Then you say your name, business, URL, and what page you can be found on in the directory.

    highlights from the MarketersCruise event Check Rates and Availability

    Experts and Honored Guests

    Your speakers are group leader partners that have joined with us to promote the cruise. Our honored guests are some industry legends that we want to feature here on this page to give you an idea of just some of the people you will be meeting and making life long personal and business relationships with.

    photograph of MarketersCruise guest Daven Michaels


    Daven Michaels


    photograph of MarketersCruise guest Paul Finck

    Maverick Millionaire

    Paul Finck

    Business & Personal Development

    photograph of MarketersCruise guest Tim Johnson

    The Closer

    Tim Johnson


    photograph of MarketersCruise guest John Adams

    Real Estate Expert

    John Adams

    Talk Radio Host

    photograph of MarketersCruise guest James Dentley


    James Dentley

    Life and Business Strategist

    photograph of MarketersCruise guest Bill Walsh

    The Rainmaker

    Bill Walsh

    Powerteam International

    Alina Vincent

    Business Strategist

    Alina Vincent

    5 Day Challenges Expert

    photograph of MarketersCruise guest Peter Wolfing


    Peter Wolfing

    Network Marketing Ninja

    photograph of MarketersCruise guest Iman Aghay

    Online Courses

    Iman Aghay

    Ultimate Online Course Formula

    photograph of MarketersCruise guest Jay Fiset


    Jay Fiset

    Fun and Profit

    Alex koval


    Alex Koval


    photograph of MarketersCruise guest

    Our Next Group Leader


    Make sure to learn about our Group Leader program.

    Make The Best of The Sea Days

    Learn From The Legends

    Some of the smartest legends and Gurus will be on board, but the real treat are the underground entrepreneurs that are making millions that come to share while they learn. Every niche from marketing, B2B, software, health and wellness, personal development, real estate and more.

    highlights from the MarketersCruise event
    highlights from the MarketersCruise event

    Just Ask and You Shall Receive

    Expert Panels

    Every year we do a special session. From lead generation to facebook traffic. How to fill a room for your event to how to automate your webinars.

    We then get 6-8 experts on a panel and you get to ask any question and they will give you LIFE CHANGING coaching for Free!

    highlights from the MarketersCruise event

    A Few Hours To Learn While We Sail

    Group Leaders Share, Not Sell

    You'r group leaders are some of the best in the game when it comes to getting traffic and converting leads to buyers. These experts invite their own students on the cruise and you get to learn from them for free.

    highlights from the MarketersCruise event
    highlights from the MarketersCruise event

    Everyone’s Favorite Session

    Cool Tools, Tips and Resources

    This is the can't miss event. Everyone lines up and shares a tip, resource, website, iPhone app, or hack that they just learned this last year and now can not live without.

    Imagine having 250 HOLY SHIP moments. And don't worry your head won't explode. We have someone who takes notes and posts them later in our private Marketers Cruise Friends facebook group.

    highlights from the MarketersCruise event

    Win The Annual Heart of Gold

    Every year you and your peers vote for the fellow cruise guest who shares the best information.​

    Annual Costume Party + Networking!

    Happy Times

    We usually have our costume party towards the end of the cruise. "Why?" you ask. Because after 7 days of networking, drinking, and just plain old having a blast, something crazy happens. We become a family.

    Now's the time to act a little silly. Act just a little fun. You have made friends and you can let loose a little. As you can see by the photo, whether it's a white hot, red hot, super hero, or Mexican fiesta party, we are just having FUN! And that's when the best deals are made. If your spouse doesn't think he/she will know anyone, there's everyone else's spouse (and families) to make friends with. 

    FAIR WARNING: This is the day everyone cries because we'll have to say good bye soon.

    highlights from the MarketersCruise event
    highlights from the MarketersCruise event

    100 Percent Dream Lifestyle

    Ports of Call

    2021 Exotic Southern Caribbean Itinerary

    Offering Private Shore Excursions Just For Group Of Marketers

    Grand Turk Island

    photograph of Grand Turk Island

    Site of our Big Networking Marketers Cruise Beach and Pool Party!

    Grand Turk Island is the capital island of the Turks and Caicos archipelago, in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s dotted with the remains of salt ponds and windmills from the island’s sea salt industry, prevalent from the 17th to 20th century. The 19th-century Grand Turk Lighthouse is perched on a rocky bluff in the north. Beaches with clear water ring the island, which is home to wild horses and donkeys.

    Enjoy a HUGE fresh water pool with swim-up bar, Margaritaville, Flow-Rider, Massages on the Beach and our ship docked right there!


    photo of Aruba

    Splash and play your way across this sparkling corner of the Caribbean, or simply relax on a sun-baked beach on one of Carnival’s cruises to Aruba. The locals call it the “happy island,” and they prove it — Aruba cheerily welcomes visitors to picture-perfect strips of beach, swaths of exotic blooms, and some of the Caribbean’s top shopping and nightlife locales. Celebrate the year-round Caribbean spirit, or simply unwind to the island’s bewitching and relaxing tempo. It’s easy to find your own tropical beat when you cruise Aruba-style.

    Brand New - Bonaire

    photo of brand new bonaire

    Bonaire is an island nation in the Southern Caribbean that was twice “discovered” — once by the Spanish and once by the Dutch — and was until recently part of the Netherlands Antilles. Its far-flung history may be all over the map… but you’ll find the island itself located just right. Also just right is the climate — the annual average is 81.5° F — so you’ll have plenty of reasons to spend time outdoors. When in the water, diving and snorkeling happen to be some of the best ways to see the reef surrounding the island… but they’re also great for cooling off.


    NOVEMBER 05, 2021, Friday— Pre-Cruise at Cocoa Beach Host Hotel. (Optional) – The Fun Begins

    5PM — 7 PM: Sunset Welcome Networking Party

    NOVEMBER 6, 2021, Saturday – Day 1 – We Set Sail from Port Canaveral

    • 12PM — 2PM: Embarkation

    • 12PM — 4PM: Welcome Buffet Lunch On The Lido Deck

    • 5PM — 7PM: Orientation Meeting and Bon Voyage Party in the Limelight Aft Lounge

    • 8:15PM: Assigned Seating Dinner Tonight at The Blush Aft Dining Roo

    NOVEMBER 7, 2021, Sunday – Day 2 – Day at Sea

    • 7:30AM — 10AM: Buffet Breakfast on the Lido Deck

    • 10AM — 1 PM:  Introductory Session – Meet Your Marketers Cruisers (Get Your 30 Second Elevator Speech Ready!) at the Limelight Aft Lounge

    • 5PM — 7PM: Facilitated Networking Session with Tom Beal and CEO Space

    • 8:15PM: Open Seating Dinner Tonight at Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 11PM — xxAM: Late Night Pizza & Profits on the Lido Deck

    NOVEMBER 8, 2021, Monday – Day 3 – Day At Sea

    • 7:30AM — 10AM: Buffet Breakfast on the Lido Deck or Open Seating in The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 10AM — 1 PM: Group Leaders Showcase

    • 5PM — 7PM: Group Leaders Showcase (continued)

    • 8:15PM: Open Seating Dinner Tonight at The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 11PM — xxAM: Late Night Pizza & Profits on the Lido Deck

    NOVEMBER 9 2021, Tuesday – Day 4 – Aruba - 1:00pm - 11:00pm

    • 7:30AM — 10AM: Buffet Breakfast on the Lido Deck or Open Seating in The Southern Lights Dining Room

    • 10AM — 1 PM:   Group Leaders Showcase at The Spotlight Aft Lounge

    • 5PM — 7 PM: Group Leaders Showcase (Part 2) at The Spotlight Aft Lounge

    • 8:15PM: Open Seating Dinner Tonight at The Southern Lights Dining Room

    • 11PM — xxAM: Late Night Pizza & Profits on the Lido Deck

    NOVEMBER 10, 2021 – Day 5 – Bonaire- 8:00am - 4:00pm

    • 7:30AM — 10AM: Buffet Breakfast on the Lido Deck or Open Seating in The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • From 7AM: Private Island Excursions Available via:  http://MarketersPortTrips.com

    • 8:15PM: (Optional) Open Seating Dinner Tonight at The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 11PM — xxAM: Late Night Pizza & Profits on the Lido Deck

    NOVEMBER 11, 2021 Thursday – Day 6 – Day At Sea

    • 7:30AM — 10AM: Buffet Breakfast on the Lido Deck or Open Seating in The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • From 7 AM: Private Island Excursions Available via:  http://MarketersPortTrips.com

    • 3:00 PM: Sunset Group Photo on Sun Deck (Fwd) - Please Wear Marketers Cruise T-Shirts!

    • 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM: Business Building Mastermind Session at The Limelight Aft Lounge

    • 8:15PM: Open Seating Dinner Tonight at The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 11PM — 1AM: Costume Karaoke Theme Party at The Limelight Aft Lounge

    NOVEMBER 12, 2021, Friday – Day 7 – Grand Turk Island - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    • 7:30AM — 10AM: Buffet Breakfast on the Lido Deck or Open Seating in The Southern Lights Dining Room

    • From 9 AM: Private Island Excursions Available via:  http://MarketersPortTrips.com

    • 8:15: Open Seating Dinner Tonight at The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 11PM — xxAM: Late Night Pizza & Profits on the Lido Deck

    NOVEMBER 13, 2021, Saturday – Day 8 – Day At Sea

    • 7:30AM — 10AM: Buffet Breakfast on the Lido Deck or Open Seating in The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 10AM — 1:00 PM: Mastermind Session – Cool Tools, Hot Links and Profitable Resources

    • 2PM — 4PM: The Rest Of The Story — Optional Breakout Sessions (location TBA)

    • 5PM — 7PM: Farewell Party and Awards Ceremony at the Limelight Aft Lounge

    • 8:15: Open Seating Dinner Tonight at The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 11PM — xxAM: Time To Pack - Goodbye Hugs - Until Next Year!

    NOVEMBER 14, 2021, Sunday – Day 9 – Return To Port Canaveral – 8:00 AM

    • 7:30AM — 9AM:  (Optional Farewell Breakfast) Buffet on the Lido or Open Seating in The Blush Aft Dining Room

    • 9AM — 10AM: Disembarkation. See You Next Year, or Stay On In South Florida For Optional Post-Cruise Plans

    • Fly out after NOON EST or Later.

    Come Sail Away

    With These Specially Negotiated Early Booking Rates,

    It Might Cost You More Just to Stay Home

    INCLUDES All Cruise Fees! That means, all port charges, government fees and taxes are included in the price.

    Note: Carnival’s online rates do NOT include gov. fees and taxes, but our group rates do!

    What ELSE is included? 

    ALL of our business building mastermind sessions, private parties, networking events and dinners!

    ​Value: PRICELESS!

    Included 2 Free Tickets to GroooveKon. GrooveKon will be at the Port Hotel of Departure on Thursday and Friday Nov. 4th to 5th, 2021. We set Sail Nov. 6th

    Ocean Suite

    photo of the ocean suite room


    per person

    Based on Double Occupancy

    For all 8 days and nights.


    Oceanview Stateroom


    photo of the oceanview stateroom room


    per person

    Based on Double Occupancy

    For all 8 days and nights.

    3rd and 4th guest pay just $599.00 each.


    Only $500 deposit needed

    Interior Cabin

    photo of the interior cabin room


    per person

    Based on Double Occupancy

    For all 8 days and nights.

    Book Now

    Only $500 deposit needed


    Is there a COST to come on the Marketers Cruise? Do you mark it up?

    Our goal was this. You work hard and you are entitled to a vacation. You are going to take a vacation anyway. So why not take a vacation with like minded people. That was our vision. And why not make some use of SEA days to network and learn from each other. From the start, Mike Filsaime and Captain Lou Edwards, your hosts and Co-founders always felt that for THIS project, we would rather make a friend than a profit. We do this as ambassadors of our industry. We mark up a small amount to provide some open bar parties, your shirts, directory, name tags, etc. All close to our costs. But we also get volume discounts. So basically you pay for a cruise and get to come to a workshop and networking event for free. With NO SELLING from the stage. That has been our vision for 15 years. 

    If I was referred to the Marketers Cruise by word of mouth or friend or marketer but not given a link, should you be aware?

    The Marketers Cruise is "By Invitation Only" . So when you book, please let us know who referred you. If you already booked and have not done that please contact us. We have a group leader program and sometimes with word of mouth and people booking months later the person that referred you does not always get the credit. We like to make sure they do.

    What's is included in the price?

    Includes ALL of our business building mastermind sessions, private parties, networking events and dinners!


    INCLUDES All Cruise Fees! That means, all port charges, government fees and taxes are included in the price. 

    Note: Carnival’s online rates do NOT include gov. fees and taxes, but our group rates do!


    Also includes all meals, most soft drinks, all buffets, 24 hour pizza and more, like nightly entertainment,

    Broadway and Vegas style shows, pools, fitness center, water park, and Camp Carnival for your children.

    Wha is NOT included in the price?

    Not included in your price is your airfare or travel to Port of Call to get onto the ship. You pre-cruise hotel stay, pre-cruise drinks and pre-cruise meals are not included. (All your means On-Ship ARE included.) Optional shore excursions are not included. Things like the SPA are extra. Hard alcohol drinks from the bar and wine are not included and you can put these on your sign-n-sail card.


    The excellent dining room is free but the ship does have a Supper Club which is one of the best steak houses you can eat at. That is like $30 a person and optional. It is something you ll wan't to do at least once. 

    Is this a pitch fest?

    No. No selling allowed. While we are not fans of that phrase because there is a place for selling on stage, you won't find that on the cruise. The cruise is all PEER to PEER networking and learning. We are all peers. There will be no one there lecturing you. We come to learn and ask questions and help each other. The crowd on the ship is of high caliber character. That means even if you are a newbie or making 6, 7, 8, or even 9 figures, we have a no a**hole rule. Everyone we allow on is just good people., and agree to check their egos at the door. So we welcome you if you are new and you can meet the legends on the industry.

    Who are the speakers?

    As you can see in the itinerary, most of the sessions is masterminds and workshops. How ever we do have speakers that are group leaders. They are there to provide content. No selling allowed. Also Mike Filsaime will always do a special session or an expert panel.

    How do I get stage time?

    Everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves, come back later to ask questions and contribute in the sessions. 30 Minutes of Stage time to present on a topic of your expertise is awarded to our group leaders. You become a group leader when you refer 10 or more cabins with our affiliate program.

    How do I become a group leader?

    Simple. With our affiliate program we set up a special page for you. When you refer 10 cabins, you get $2000 plus 30 minutes of stage time. This is one of the best things you can do for your business. (Just FIVE cabins referred still earns a "15 Minutes Of fame" slot)

    How does your affiliate program work?

    Who else do you know who deserves to go?  With our partner program, we will set you up with an affiliate link and even speak at your events or host a webinar with you. If you are an influencer this is for you. It's like almost being able to cruise for free because we award you $2000 60 days after sailing or just apply it towards your next year's cruise.  Plus you get all the benefits of being a group leader like the stage time and branding. For everyone else we pay $1000 on 8 Cabins, and "15 Minutes Of Fame" on stage for 5 cabins. 


    To sign up for our affiliate page click here.

    How do I get myself known to the 400 marketers?

    We will list you in our printed directory, distributed on-board. You and everyone will have a chance to queue up and get 30 seconds to talk about yourself and say what you can help with and what you need help with and your page in the directory. Guests listen to everyone over this 3 hour session and mark off on the book who they want to meet. Maybe 10, 20 or 30 people in your niche you can help, need help from, or want to partner or JV with. Don't bring flyers (we hate that) and put them on seats. Over the 7 days you will find everyone you want. More importantly, the right people will find YOU. What most people discover is it was not who the wanted to meet that had the greatest impact. In fact many have created 7 figure businesses together simply because they met at Pizza and Profits or at the networking dinners. Let it come to you, don't be pushy, and this will be the best thing that has ever happened to your business. 

    How do I get in the cruise directory?

    After you place your deposit , we'll send you a link to upload your bio and picture and we'll publish it in alphabetical order. Everyone gets the printed copy when they board the ship.

    How do I get in access to the Private facebook group?

    After you place your deposit you get access. Over 1650 VIP members are in that group. Meet your shipmates before we set sail.  It is worth the price alone.

    Can I book separate with Carnival and attend the Marketers Cruise Events?

    Short answer. No. Anyone publicly can book the same cruise. But without a Marketer's Cruise Name Badge or VIP Wristband you will not be allowed in our networking events, mastermind sessions, pre-cruise party at the hotel, private dinners in main dining room, cocktail parties, private excursions, beach party, Pizza and Profits networking, costume party, the Million-Dollar directory, or private facebook group. So if you want to grow your business, book with us. We make a small profit per cabin and most of that goes to Captain Lou 's company for facilitating this great cruise. Like any travel planner, that's how Captain Lou earns a living and he is the best in the business to make this special event at sea the best vacation you ever had.  

    Can I bring my spouse, significant other, kids, parents, family, or friends?

    Yes! This is your vacation. Spend it with with the people you care about most. 

    Can friends or family that book through marketers cruise attend all of the networking events and fun-time activities?

    Yes. We welcome them in fact. We love to share the entrepreneurial spirt with everyone. Some events are no-kids allowed. Like rated R comedians etc. As well as even some of our evening or late night events. Your kids will be happy at Camp Carnival (included) and won't ever want to leave there.

    Who will watch my kids while I am at the events?

    Camp Carnival will. Your kids will love the fun and will want to be there 24/7. It is safe and fun and the kids love it.    

    From Carnival's site. "On their Carnival cruise, kids can enjoy all the best parts of summer camp and family vacation, all in one! At Camp Carnival, they'll start by splitting up into three different age groups: 2 to 5 years, 6 to 8, and 9 to 11. Our experienced counselors are there to make sure everyone in these small groups has an amazing time. And they do, with tons of fun-filled, age-appropriate activities including arts and crafts, songs, games, dancing, movies, video games… and of course plenty of toys! When it’s mealtime, kids get their own menus, with faves like mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, and more. And when the sun goes down, we offer Night Owls (fees apply) so kids get to stay up late having fun, while their parents also enjoy themselves well into the night."


    For more information about Camp Carnival click here.

    Do I have to attend all of the events on the itinerary?

    That is entirely up to you. While we do recommend attending all the events, it is your vacation and if you want to miss a session and go to the SPA with the spouse, or just sleep in that's O.K. We just know once you come to one session you will want to come to all. If your spouse or family do not want to join sessions and enjoy the ship they are more than welcome to do so.

    How does the open seating work in the dining room?

    Simple. Most tables seat 8 to 12 people. When you see someone you want to sit with just grab a seat. Or walk in the dining room with a group and all sit together. You will meet so many amazing new people.

    Where can I book excursions?

    We at MarketersCruise.com will arrange private shore excursions at each port of call, just for members of our group.   More info and a special link will be sent out as we get closer to the cruise.

    What reassurances can you give me about Covid-19, sailing safely and the protection of my payments just in case of any issues?

    The cruise lines are putting new health and hygiene protocols into place in anticipation of cruising again soon, with enhanced screenings and sanitization. For example, rapid Covid-19 tests may be employed to ensure everyone is healthy. Your deposits are fully protected up until June 24th, 2021 when final payments are due. We recommend adding the suggested cruise cancellation insurance, which also protects your investment AFTER you are paid up, in the event of illness, accident or last minute family emergency. The insurance is approx. 8% of cruise cost and also covers pre-existing medical conditions when added at time of booking. It's best for peace of mind.

    When I book NOW, can I still make changes later, such as adding guests, upgrading, downgrading, etc. without incurring change fees?

    Absolutely! Up until June 24th, 2021. Small change fees apply after that date.

    Is vaccination required?

    Carnival updated their Covid-19 protocols and requirements on July 20,2021. You can find them here http://carnival.com/HaveFunBeSafe

    What time do you recommend we book flights?

    We highly recommend you book a flight the night prior to the cruise. You do not want to miss the ship if your flight is delayed. After the cruise, we recommend that you do not book a flight before 2PM.

    Are we required to have a negative Covid test prior to boarding?

    You must submit a negative Covid Test Within 48 Hours Of Boarding. This Means Thursday, Friday or Saturday Morning. There is a CVS and two other testing locations nearby. Since there are so many cruisers, the best is to simply order the eMed BinaxNow self-test (download NAVICA App). Packs can be purchased as follows:

    6-pack for $150

    2 pack for $69

    Visa waivers for international guests

    International guests from Visa Waiver nations need to fill out their ESTA forms online at http://www.cbp.gov/esta

    What ID is required for US Citizens?

    Passports are preferred.

    Pre-registration for the cruise

    Please go to http://carnival.com/bookedguest to register for the cruise and print your boarding passes. It is extremely important that you complete your vaccination survey. Please do this well in advance of the cruise.

    What About transportation?

    There is discounted transportation for Groovekon and Marketers Cruise from our preferred provider, CBShuttle. This is from MCO (Orlando airport to Hilton Cocoa Beach, and back to the airport after GrovoeKon or Marketers Cruise) Contact details to set this up are:

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 321-631-4144

    Web: http://cocoabeachshuttle.com/

    Group Code: Groove

    When is the shuttle to the ship?

    On Saturday, November 6th starting at 10Am there will be a shuttle from the Hilton in Cocoa Beach to the Carnival Magic at Port Canaveral

    Parking at Port Canaveral

    Parking is available at Port Canaveral for $17 per day

    What are the best times to board?

    The best time to board is between 11AM and 1PM

    Where do I book my pre-cruise hotel?

    Rooms are almost sold out. Go to Marketerscruisehotel.com or call the Hilton at 321-799-0003

    Mention group code: Groove

    Where can I connect with fellow cruisers before the trip?

    Join the private Facebook Marketers Cruise group here.

    When is the welcome party for guests?

    At the Hilton at 5;30 PM on Thursday November 4th. This will be for hotel guests only. Welcome drinks and appetizers will be served.

    When and Where is the Onboard Orientation Meeting?

    Our onboard orientation meeting and bon voyage party will be on Saturday at 4:15PM at the Tides Aft Pool (deck 10)

    What Can I do on the Islands?

    There are three options. You can:

    1) Go on your own and play it by ear

    2) You can book a non-private Carnival excursion onboard

    3) Pre-reserve PRIVATE excursions with fellow marketers at http://marketerscruise.com/excursions

    There are limited spaces to sign up, and these private excursions are NOT available onboard.

    Is the Cheers package worth it?

    It is only worth it if you drink 7 to 9 drinks a day. This can be purchased onboard, and if you have onboard credits, you can apply those to the cheers package.

    How are gratuities handled this year?

    The cost is $13.95 per person per day, which covers the room attendant, wait staff.e tc. It is auto-billed to your onboard account so do not pre-pay if you have onboard credits. If you were booked on the January 2021 Marketers Cruise and got bumped, you will have onboard credit in your account. Also make sure to bring lots of small bills for tipping along the way.

    What can I use Onboard Credits for?

    Pretty much anywhere on the ship that you can spend money. From the hi-speed wifi package to the drinks package, and Carnival excursions, your onboard credits are good. If you were booked after August 2020, you will not have onboard credits.

    What should I pack?

    Take a look at the packing tips here.

    What’s the theme of the costume party?

    Peace, Love and Everything Groovy!!

    Where can I find more details with the itinerary, etc?

    Go to http://marketerscruisepreview.com/